For more than a century, St. Mark’s School of Texas has provided boys with exceptional educational opportunities by synchronizing our educational program to the unique learning styles and maturity rates of boys and by promoting exploration of the many paths to manhood. Free from traditional gender assumptions, boys are encouraged to discover and develop their intellectual, artistic, and athletic interests. By nurturing individual gifts, perspectives, and abilities, St. Mark’s allows boys to mature at their own pace as they become young men. High levels of academic, athletic, and artistic accomplishment distinguish the school and our achievement benchmarks are comparisons to the best independent schools in the nation. St. Mark’s is an environment fit for boys; we understand and appreciate the most obvious fact that boys and girls are different, and we craft our instructional process, daily interaction, and physical facilities around the unique characteristics of boys. St. Mark’s School of Texas is much more than a boys’ school; St. Mark’s is a school for